It is amazing to see people reading and actually relating, I do want to continue to offer something worth your time (reading and exercise wise). Thanks to everyone so far for all of the support and continued motivation from friends and family (esp Jesica  Cockerham, check out her amazing blog. So In honor of one of my biggest supporters (Michael Alonzo) and all those traveling before the school year starts, this blog is dedicated to YOU!

 Guest Blogger: Michael Alonzo (Omega Lifestyle Health and Fitness)

 Traveling or on a time crunch?

Keeping with the theme of fast workouts for those on the go, I ask how much time do you really need to get a great workout?

Honestly, how often do we truly and properly utilize the time that we consider our down time? As a personal trainer, I have come across plenty of reasons why people say they can’t workout. Time and Money are the most frequently used. No time, or even a crunch for time is a killer for why people decide they cannot or just don’t want to work out. Personally, I don’t blame YOU. I mean, why would anyone want to sweat and tire themselves out when a new season of Breaking Bad is starting in 30 minutes?

 Well, how about the fact that obesity rates have more than tripled in America within the past 3 decades? No??…Well ask yourself how many of your loved ones have been diagnosed with cardiovascular or metabolic diseases? Hitting a little closer to home?

 Working out should not be seen as a punishment, it should be looked at as a preventative tool. You or someone you know takes vitamins to help boost immunity or help with bone density. Regular exercise and good eating habits are just that, your true all natural vitamins. So just ask yourself one more time, how much time do we really need to stay healthy and workout.

 I am currently just traveled to Pennsylvania to visit my fiancé and my workouts could have hit an obstacle. I say obstacle because I am thinking outside the box and not letting them halt. No bumps, no slacking, just getting creative. So next time you are on that family vacation or headed to a wedding, and say “Oh one day won’t hurt”, just remember when you skip a workout, you’re 5 times more likely to miss a workout the following week and that begins a trend you do not want to start.

 Below, I have taken the liberty to create a workout specifically for those traveling and hotel bound. Let’s face it, some hotels are budgeted and don’t have those fancy free weight gyms. All you need is a pillow case, some towels, and 10 minutes.


Now dampen the towels and place them in the pillowcase. Tie a knot on top of the pillow case to keep the towels from falling out during the workout. (I used 2 soaked towels, you can use however many you need depending on your fitness level.)  


Set a timer, or even watch the clock for 30 seconds and get creative with your movements. I broke my workout into 8 exercises, 30 seconds hard with 10 seconds rest in between, enough time to catch your breath.  Do 2 to 3 reps of these exercises and you are sure to break and sweat and feel great.

 Kettlebell swings


 Foot to sky left and right


 Do sets of Squats and Jump Lunges

Plank and row. Left and right


Wood choppers



…We all have greatness in us!

We all have greatness in us!

Make the choice: Stay Motivated

Continuous Motivation: this is the hardest thing to do when trying to get and stay healthy. Changing such a huge part of your life isn’t at all a simple task. Every day there are temptations and obstacles to fight through. Right now motivation is what I need to continue on this journey, with my feet and now my toe, it is extremely hard for me to stay on task and really work hard. No matter how much we want something in life, sometimes it is easier to just live without because it means you do not have to put yourself on the line. You don’t have to work hard or stress out about it. That has been my mentality this last week. I am having thoughts of, “Well, what will this hurt” or “It is ok if I don’t work out today.” In the back of my head and in my heart I know that I am wrong. I am taking the easy way out when I let this mentality overcome what I set out to do.

Any readers out there, what is your goal? What are you working towards right now? Setting an ultimate goal is the key. I set my 30 before 30 and while that is the ultimate goal, I have always been one to try to plan things each month or every other weekend, this has kept me accountable. This type of goal setting has been beneficial with me because its more short term and I can continue to change what I need to change or tweak something that may not be working for me. Right now I don’t have that, I set my goal for November 28th and while it will creep up faster than I think, it is really just right around the corner. So, here is my idea, I am going to set a goal (at least 2 a month) to reach. I found this site when trying to find a few ways to stay motivated. It gives 50 ways to stay motivated, 50 great ways as well as links and this amazing video of Will Smith on success, you HAVE to watch this, his philosophy on life in general is just inspirational! I have put my top 14 (I really don’t like uneven numbers :))  of the 50 ways to stay motivated below, but feel free to read them all on the above site. So when all is said and done..NEVER GIVE UP, WE ALL HAVE GREATNESS IN US! Work hard today!

1) Think wellness not weight loss. Do you only make good food choices when you are trying to lose weight? This could lead to rebound weight gain if you go back to your old habits once you’ve reached your goal. “You have to eat every day, so why not eat better every day?” advises Rania Batayneh, MPH.

2) Know Yourself. Understanding who you are as an individual, and why you make the choices you make, is so important. Don’t work against your natural tendencies- work with them! If you are a walker, don’t try to force yourself into becoming a marathon runner. If you are a social butterfly, take a new fitness class with a friend, or if you prefer solo exercise, try out a new Pilates DVD at home.

3) Stop focusing only on physical changes. Switch from vanity-based fitness or weight loss goals to those that are activity, time or frequency-based, recommends fitness instructor Kelly Gray. For instance, instead of vowing to have a 6-pack in 6 weeks (which can be quite a feat to accomplish) aim to be able to run for 45 min 2-3 times a week. You won’t see results instantly from working out, but you can FEEL them instantly.

4) Take note of your options and actions. Research shows that making specific movements forward, no matter how small, gives us more motivation to keep going. “Take 5 minutes to brainstorm all the options you have for breaking through what’s holding you back and for making progress toward your goal (write down every option you can think of – including things like changing or tossing out the goal)” recommends Julie Lynch Principal. Review the list and pick out one option and then turn it into an action: decide what you will do, with whom, and by when.

5) LIMIT but do not ELIMINATE. “Eliminating your favorite foods will just make you want/crave them more,” says Rania Batayneh, MPH. Instead, Batayneh suggests allowing yourself those less healthy choices, but finding a way to limit your intake (in portion or frequency) to avoid feelings of deprivation.

6) Choose one or two new, healthy habits to take on – not 10 or 20. Small, simple changes can help you reap large results says aging and longevity specialist Sukie Baxter. Decide to do one or two small things each day, such as drinking a smoothie first thing in the morning or carrying a water bottle during the day to stay hydrated. A few small daily steps can help you stick with new changes, avoid overwhelm.

7) Schedule all your workouts at least a month ahead of time. Creating workout “dates” on your calendar really gives your plan priority and structure says fitness expert Tony Horton, author of Bring It: The Revolutionary Fitness Plan for All Levels That Burns Fat, Builds Muscle, and Shreds Inches. Plug it into your iphone, Blackberry, or Outlook calendar or write them down on an old-fashioned wall calendar.

8) Take it one 1/2 day at a time. Sometimes you just have to focus on one half day at a time, says life coach Diana Fletcher. Instead of focusing on the miles and miles ahead of you on your journey, simply focus on what is immediately in front of you, such as the first half of your day. You can do anything for a 1/2 day! Once you make it past the first half, focus on the next to stay motivated rather than overwhelmed. (While this one kind of contradicts #7, it still is important, while I love making my monthly calendars; it is smart to also take it one day at a time. Do not stress yourself out; we have enough going on in our lives that we do not need to add to the daily stress. Your workout should be a stress reliever and be YOU time!)

9) Stay Simple. Avoid the lure of quick fixes like cleanses, sweat suits or extreme diets. Instead of overhauling everything, keep it simple. Substitute half of your usual morning OJ with sparkling water or try your usual sandwich with one less slice of bread and more lettuce instead today. Swap out your favorite TV show for a half hour with a book that you have been waiting to read. Offer to take your friend’s kids for the afternoon so that she has a few hours of “me” time, and then she can return the favor. Over time, these tiny steps can produce major, lasting, easier to maintain, results. 

10) Keep your motivation (and goals) evolving. “I find my motivation around me – whether it is staying healthy to be around for my daughter, strong enough to carry her or fit enough to keep up with her,” says health and fitness blogger Maria Garofalo Mccauley. “When my motivation wanes after reaching a specific goal, it’s time to set a new one! Goals are evolving and dynamic I love always having something new to shoot for”. 

11) Stay sane by cheating – once in awhile. “Planning a cheat, whether it’s a snack, a meal, a weekend or a week vacation, can make all the difference in the world, says Valerie Berkowitz, M.S., R.D., C.D.E. By allowing yourself a little “controlled” wiggle room, you can avoid falling off the wagon big time. And once your “cheat” is done, go right back to your plan.

12) List the painful consequences of not achieving your goal. Sure, it’s nice to think about all the great things you’ll have/feel once you’ve achieved your goal, but it can also be motivating to list all the possible negatives that may come about if you DON’T achieve it. “Write out all the negative consequences of not exercising (poor health, pain, limited abilities, medical costs, lack of socializing, low self-esteem)” recommends Ronald Kaufman, author of Anatomy of Success. And with each negative consequence, asks yourself: “What’s the consequence of? and “What’s the consequence of …?” – writing down all of your answers until you’ve finished your full list, and then refer back to it anytime you need a dose of motivation. 

13) Have a Plan B ready. Setbacks will happen, but it’s how you deal with them that matters most, says Catherine Kruppa, MS, RD. “Successful goal getters use setbacks as motivation to re-commit,” says Kruppa, “identify what caused your slip up and use it as a learning opportunity”. Have a few different options ready if your plan doesn’t work, and use obstacles as learning tools to try new things.

14) When you fall down, get right back up and try again. You can’t control everything, so why beat yourself up about a missed workout or diet slip up? It’s even OK to miss a workout once in a while says fitness expert Tony Horton. “It doesn’t erase all of the hard work you’ve accomplished up until now, or mean that you have to start over,” says Horton, “just pick up where you left off when you were able to”.


Back in Action!

I know I have been MIA for a couple weeks. Life can fly by and we seem to not make time for the things we enjoy. Something that we can relate this theory to is not having time to exercise and eat healthy, “not enough time” is the phrase most commonly heard.

This phrase is one that I have used so much in the last two years. But, I have made a huge effort in the last two weeks to make sure this excuse is not one that I comes out of my mouth! 5:20am workouts are not necessarily my favorite thing to do BUT it is a great kick start to my day. I have seen articles about 20-30 minute workouts and in the past I have laughed thinking what is that going to do for me! (again remember, I used to have time to do hour runs and then even some core and lifting after). Now, I get to the gym at 5:15am start at 5:20am and get to the locker room shower and to work by 7:00am. So I get a full body workout in 50 minutes thanks to Michael Alonzo and Omega Lifestyle Health and Fitness. Making the time to get a workout proves to be extremely difficult at times, but this is when you realize if you are truly focused on getting healthy again. I have really come to this conclusion in the last two weeks. This is something I want and will work hard for. I just need to continue to make small steps to accomplish this goal on a daily basis. Another important aspect is to continue to surround myself with positive people who are on the same page as me and who share the same passion. Who want to see me succeed and will help in the process. You would be amazed with the affect this has on you individually.

30 minutes is really all you need. Sure it is great to go in and take your time, get some cardio in and then some lifting/core. But, in 30 minutes if you design your workout the right way you can burn as many calories as you would in an hour. It is all about your intensity and drive. You would want to make sure you are incorporating both cardio and resistance training in this 30 minutes. A good way to do this is to do a circuit training session for 15-20 mins and then 10-15 minutes of cardio. Yes, as stubborn as I am to just except this, 10-15 minutes of intense cardio is just as good as staying on the treadmill or stationary bike for an hour. You just have to PUSH IT and be a BEAST 🙂 Below are a few short  (30 minute) but awesome workouts on the bike that I found (let me know what you all think): These are 30 minute cardio workouts so you could pair these with a 10-15 minute resistance/core workout. That is 40-45 minutes of your day…So go to bed a little earlier…wake up a little earlier and get this in!!! And then let me know how it goes! 🙂


KICK OFF 7/1/13: A Fresh Start

Today is the official kick start and weight in happened this AM! A bit difficult to look at but 200lbs and ready to lose week by week. This will be the beginning of weekly updates of my progress and an invitation to everyone to share anything they may think could be useful.

Today’s work day was full of temptations: Chinese and Chocolate filled our office! But, I did good and ate my fruits and veggies!


This was my yummy snack in the morning….Then for lunch I splurged a little with my salad.

salad time

While everyone else enjoyed a nice big sandwich, I filled my belly with this delicious salad from Schlotzsky’s. Dinner will have to be thought out but I will report more on that tomorrow. I just mainly wanted to state that today while I was tempted to stray, I stayed strong and smart and really focused on what this is all about. Tonight I will be heading to my favorite sister’s house and get a good workout in and tomorrow starts some therapy sessions. So stay tuned!


Shoes to the rescue….:)

Shoes to the rescue….:)

Everyone I have talked to has pretty much said for me to say goodbye to my summer sandals and cute strappy heels for a while..then a good friend told me about these (which used to be so cool in high school) and I took a look into them…they actually have a lot of cute styles and aren’t as expensive as I thought they may be. They range from $60-$120.00 but for the style and the support that they provide one can’t really complain. The website even shoes information pertaining to plantar faciitis and other foot injuries that can be prevented. Comfort, Support and Style in one! 🙂 

Here comes a new challenge…

Well I am all wrapped up and on the road to recovery 😦 The visit to the doctor’s office did not go as planned but I wanted to figure out what was wrong and we did. I guess that is a good thing. So the diagnosis is that I have plantar fasciitis. It is not ideal with the whole concept of my blog, but if anything it will only challenge me (i did say i like a challenge) and make me work harder to achieve my goal. Image

So the treatment is 3 weeks of steroid shots and minimal usage of my feet. Which is extremely hard for anyone, but I work 10 hour days at this time and friday through sunday I am home with my sons (2) and (6 1/2 mths). Not being on my feet for more than 4 hours a day is not going to really work. While this bump in the road is a bit discouraging it has not made me want to give up. I am determined to do what I set out to do and hopefully in a couple months I can start to jog and walk again. 🙂

If anything this will only make me reach out and find more resources and learn more about pool workouts and cycling. So in the end I will gain even more knowledge that I had set out to gain in the beginning. 🙂

That is how I am going to stay positive! This week will be preparation for Monday and I am all revved up to take it all on.


Inspiration for the day

“Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.” – Lance Armstrong

I will be heading to the foot specialist this morning! I am extremely nervous but hopeful that we can find something out about my foot and get to working out come July 1st. I know from experience that when we are injured, we kind of “give up” a little. It is easier to just say, I don’t want to hurt it again or I can’t do that because I don’t want to get hurt. BUT, it is pushing through an injury and in my case going to see someone that can hopefully get me where I can do what I love again. I feel that when you cannot do what you enjoy anymore, is when you begin to truly appreciate and miss it. That should not be the case, but it is. So, after today, the outcome I am hoping for is that we find what the problem is and what we can do to fix it and get to workout out again. If not, we will have to find alternative and modified workouts to get the job done and really kick butt with my food choices 🙂 Wish me good luck!



Being my first post, I am not sure what all I am to include. But, I do know that I want to make it clear, I don’t want to just be “skinny”. I want to be healthy again. I grew up in sports, played college soccer, and have always been in good shape. Life happens and you tend to (as much as you say you NEVER would) not make that time to do the things that are good for YOU. I have never been a tiny girl by any means but have always rocked a healthy weight and confidence with that weight. I gained 70 pounds with my first pregnancy. After my son was born, I started to lose the weight and a year later was about 10-15 pounds away from my goal, to find out that I was pregnant again. Shocked, excited, then upset at the thought that I was going to gain weight again. Even with a healthier approach this time around I gained 70 pounds AGAIN! After my 2nd son was born this past December, I signed up for a half marathon and a spartan race thinking that  I could stay motivated and shed the weight fast. NOT THE CASE. 6 1/2 months later, here we are.  I have jogged/walked a half marathon and participated in a Spartan Race (if any of you do not know what this is, please google it now!) Even through all of this,  I find myself at a constant weight and a feeling that I am not happy with.  I am very aware of what needs to be done as far as nutritional changes exercise regimens, but I have never had to worry about this before. These obstacles seem to just be popping up and I feel extremely overwhelmed! I thought about blogging and thought MAYBE just MAYBE this could really kick start my motivation again. I love challenging myself and making myself accountable. There really is not another way to keep oneself more accountable then plastering it online for others to see…right!? The Goal: 30 by 30. 30 pounds by the age of 30.   I will turn 30 this November and with that addition in age, I really would like to be minus 30 lbs. I will post my progress and maybe you all could help keep me accountable. So here begins the journey. July 1st will be the official start date and I hope you all will join me!