KICK OFF 7/1/13: A Fresh Start

Today is the official kick start and weight in happened this AM! A bit difficult to look at but 200lbs and ready to lose week by week. This will be the beginning of weekly updates of my progress and an invitation to everyone to share anything they may think could be useful.

Today’s work day was full of temptations: Chinese and Chocolate filled our office! But, I did good and ate my fruits and veggies!


This was my yummy snack in the morning….Then for lunch I splurged a little with my salad.

salad time

While everyone else enjoyed a nice big sandwich, I filled my belly with this delicious salad from Schlotzsky’s. Dinner will have to be thought out but I will report more on that tomorrow. I just mainly wanted to state that today while I was tempted to stray, I stayed strong and smart and really focused on what this is all about. Tonight I will be heading to my favorite sister’s house and get a good workout in and tomorrow starts some therapy sessions. So stay tuned!


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