It is amazing to see people reading and actually relating, I do want to continue to offer something worth your time (reading and exercise wise). Thanks to everyone so far for all of the support and continued motivation from friends and family (esp Jesica  Cockerham, check out her amazing blog. So In honor of one of my biggest supporters (Michael Alonzo) and all those traveling before the school year starts, this blog is dedicated to YOU!

 Guest Blogger: Michael Alonzo (Omega Lifestyle Health and Fitness)

 Traveling or on a time crunch?

Keeping with the theme of fast workouts for those on the go, I ask how much time do you really need to get a great workout?

Honestly, how often do we truly and properly utilize the time that we consider our down time? As a personal trainer, I have come across plenty of reasons why people say they can’t workout. Time and Money are the most frequently used. No time, or even a crunch for time is a killer for why people decide they cannot or just don’t want to work out. Personally, I don’t blame YOU. I mean, why would anyone want to sweat and tire themselves out when a new season of Breaking Bad is starting in 30 minutes?

 Well, how about the fact that obesity rates have more than tripled in America within the past 3 decades? No??…Well ask yourself how many of your loved ones have been diagnosed with cardiovascular or metabolic diseases? Hitting a little closer to home?

 Working out should not be seen as a punishment, it should be looked at as a preventative tool. You or someone you know takes vitamins to help boost immunity or help with bone density. Regular exercise and good eating habits are just that, your true all natural vitamins. So just ask yourself one more time, how much time do we really need to stay healthy and workout.

 I am currently just traveled to Pennsylvania to visit my fiancé and my workouts could have hit an obstacle. I say obstacle because I am thinking outside the box and not letting them halt. No bumps, no slacking, just getting creative. So next time you are on that family vacation or headed to a wedding, and say “Oh one day won’t hurt”, just remember when you skip a workout, you’re 5 times more likely to miss a workout the following week and that begins a trend you do not want to start.

 Below, I have taken the liberty to create a workout specifically for those traveling and hotel bound. Let’s face it, some hotels are budgeted and don’t have those fancy free weight gyms. All you need is a pillow case, some towels, and 10 minutes.


Now dampen the towels and place them in the pillowcase. Tie a knot on top of the pillow case to keep the towels from falling out during the workout. (I used 2 soaked towels, you can use however many you need depending on your fitness level.)  


Set a timer, or even watch the clock for 30 seconds and get creative with your movements. I broke my workout into 8 exercises, 30 seconds hard with 10 seconds rest in between, enough time to catch your breath.  Do 2 to 3 reps of these exercises and you are sure to break and sweat and feel great.

 Kettlebell swings


 Foot to sky left and right


 Do sets of Squats and Jump Lunges

Plank and row. Left and right


Wood choppers



…We all have greatness in us!


  1. Love that you included pictures to better show how the moves look! Quick workouts are totally doable and I think it’s great that you make that very evident here. Love this post, Melissa!

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